A Shop of Serendipity


Our Love Story —
for each other, and of wine.

“Wine is special to us… it’s how we met.”

In 1999, I (Joe) worked as a wine distributor, and Jane managed a Spanish restaurant. She regularly purchased wine for the restaurant through me, and the rest is history.

As we got to know each other better, we connected in many ways, but we realized we shared a deep appreciation for food and wine. We married and started raising a family in Elmhurst, and though our careers went in different directions for a while, we always nurtured our love of wine. For us, wine is about connection and community. It’s about pausing and taking a moment to appreciate not just what’s in the glass, but the blessings in the world around us.

We always wanted to own our own business, so when our favorite place in town to enjoy a glass, pick up a bottle and just hang out became available — it was a natural choice for us. Though owning a store that we used to frequent as customers was a bit surreal at first, it was also serendipitous. We love our community and we love wine — what more could we ask for?

As we continue to grow with Tannins and the town of Elmhurst, we hope to connect with all of our customers on an individual basis. As part of the community, we need your support, which is why we do so much to offer our support. We always aim to be a comfortable and affordable neighborhood spot that’s welcoming to all.

Stop by and say hello whenever you have the chance — we’d love to meet you.

Jane and Joe Leonardo